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Setup Manuals

MinSoC provides manuals to help the user installing, simulating and synthesizing MinSoC design. The instructions vary between different releases. Therefore, the manuals are stored in separate wiki sections.

The installation manual will guide you to install the OpenCores modules which are part of the MinSoC system but not delivered with it, the tools required to compile OpenRISC firmware and to connect to the system (upload and debug firmware). It will also help you compile MinSoC firmwares.

The simulation manual will show you how to simulate the system running its firmware, while the synthesis manual will direct you on synthesizing the system to create a FPGA bitfile to configure your FPGA.

The software upload and debug manual will help you run your first firmware on FPGA.

Here is a list of all MinSoC releases and their respective wiki sections with corresponding manuals:

Furthermore, MinSoC has a development version found in the trunk directory of our subversion repository, the manuals for the development version are found under development.

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