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Installation Script


Environment Installer

  1. Install/check if necessary external (not OpenCores) tools/libs are installed
    • best current example is the how to for Windows
  2. Same script for Linux, check if necessary tools or libs are accessible in regular paths
    • use command <ldd binary> to find out which libs a binary requires

Tools Installer

  1. Install Icarus Verilog
  2. Install OpenCores GNU Toolchain
  3. Patch, compile & install gdb-6.8

MinSoC Installer

  1. Download MinSoC & external modules
  2. Patch or1200 and adv_debug_sys
    • adbg_defines.v and bridge Makefile → comment JSP_SERVER
  3. Compile Firmwares

Implementation (done)

Instructions to use the installation script here.

Instead of trying to create a script for everyone, the following has been done. The script installs everything under a tools directory. All library linkage is ensured by using giving an rpath to the linker (ADS).

  • Environment checked using uname -o
  • Architecture checked using uname -m
  • Automatic test if all necessary tools are installed.
  • All software has been compiled from source.
  • Old GNU Toolchain used for compatibility with Cygwin. Binaries, no compilation.
  • Configuration of MinSoC as standard and installation of Icarus VPI simulation library.
  • Configuration of ADS without JSP.

Final requirements:

  • Create failure logs
  • Log script progress
  • Enhance script progress feedback
  • Possibly change script order:
    1. verify system requirements
    2. acquire user input
    3. download all necessary data
    4. uncompress everything to the right directories
    5. start compilations
    6. clean-up
    7. set environment variable

After installation, all tools can be used:

  • Firmwares can be compiled.
  • Simulation can be run.
  • Processor can be debugged.

For bitfile creation you still have to:

  • install the vendor tools
  • configure your board under backend

Missing: (waiting for branching to v1.0)

  • checkout or1200_v1 instead of current
  • patch or1200_v1 with Nathan's patch
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