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Development: Windows Installation

The MinSoC support tools are required to use the system. These tools are designed to run under Linux, there is no Windows counterpart. However, Windows users can install and use them without a problem under the Cygwin environment. If you want to use the system under Windows, proceed by installing Cygwin from (

Cygwin Installation

When you install Cygwin, not all required packets are included in the standard installation. The MinSoC installer requires that the following non-standard packages are installed. If you try to run the installation script and a program is missing, it will find out and inform you to install it. Then, run setup.exe again and select the required packages to be installed and re-run the installation script.

Packages to install

  • util-linux
  • wget
  • subversion
  • patch
  • gcc
  • make
  • libncurses-devel
  • ioperm
  • libusb-win32
  • flex
  • bison
  • zlib-devel

MinSoC Installation

Now you are able to proceed with the installation as written in installation. Please, be sure to run the commands under the Cygwin environment.

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