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Release 1.0: Installation

The install script works under Cygwin and any Linux. Other systems are not supported.

If you prefer to manually install the required tools or have problems with the installation script, proceed with the manual installation.

The installation script installs the GNU Toolchain for OpenRISC, the adv_jtag_bridge for software upload and debug and Icarus Verilog for system simulation. It also downloads MinSoC and sets it up.

If you already have the tools mentioned above, you can skip this. Simply download MinSoC and set it up.


For Windows installation check this first. Linux users can follow this guide directly. If you run Linux and cannot install the original cable drivers to upload bitfiles, try this.

  1. Download the install script:
    svn export setup
  2. Run the install script:
    bash setup/
  3. You can skip MinSoC's setup. It is already set up. You can now simulate or synthesize the system.

Script Explanation

The only required user input is the path where the system is to be installed. The system has the following directory structure afterwards:


All required tools are installed under tools. The downloaded packages are put into download and they are also compiled there but prefixed to be installed under tools. The Advanced JTAG Bridge is checked out automatically to minsoc/rtl/verilog/adv_debug_sys/Software/adv_jtag_bridge and is compiled there.

By the end of the script it includes the pathes of tools binaries and the GNU Toolchain binaries in this order to the /home/user/.bashrc file. This takes care that the patched GDB is run instead of the GNU Toolchain one with the value being assigned is no longer active problem.

After that, you can remove the download directory and everything is cleanly installed.

If anything goes wrong, the script informs that. Moreover, progress and error logs can be found in the script directory.

To start using everything, you simply have to source .bashrc or restart the shell. You can promptly simulate as even the delivered firmwares are compiled by the script.

The installation took 7 minutes on my Debian Linux | Intel Q6600 2.4 GHz | single core compilation. And it took 50 minutes on Cygwin on Windows XP | VMware virtual machine | Intel Q6600 2.4 GHz | single core compilation.

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